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Parent / Child relationship for Projects

B Swanson
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Parent / Child relationship for Projects

When you launch a request from another request, you can specify if the relationship is parent / child or child / parent.

However, if you create a reference between one project and another project, there is no drop down to select the type of relationship - they are always just "related".

Anyone have any solutions to build a relationship type? We have considered hidden fields on the project form, but don't think that will work when you have a child project and then child projects of those children (multiple levels down).

Thanks in advance.
Darshan Bavisi
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Re: Parent / Child relationship for Projects


Can you elaborate on the specific business requirement for creating the child projects separately?

Is it possible to create it as a single project as summary tasks (for child projects)?

Is it possible to use the Program for rolling-up all the project efforts?

What exactly is the goal form this design? That will help finding the alternates/solutions for the same.
Semenov Alexand
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Re: Parent / Child relationship for Projects

I use 7.1 sp5. in This version it's impossible. Relationship - only "related".
In HP R&D registered this case and decided that it's DEFECT.
Good Luck