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PPM7.5 Table missing

Daniel Galvez

PPM7.5 Table missing

Hi all,

I installed PPM 7.5 and reviewing the data base I found that the view "KTMG_TIME_SHEET_STATUS_TXN_V" and the package "KTMG_STATUS_TRANSACTIONS_TH" have errors. FOr the view I found that it is looking for the table "ktmg_status_transactions" and this table does not exist into the schema. I create the table with this columns:
- status_transaction_id (NUMBER)
- creation_date (DATE)
- created_by (NUMBER)
- last_update_date (DATE)
- last_updated_by (NUMBER)
- source_id (NUMBER)
- old_status_code
- new_status_code
- status_transaction_id (NUMBER)
- usr_dbg (NUMBER)
- p_event (VARCHAR2(40))

Does somebody knows if the table need more columns? and Does somebody can help to view what is missing to the package?

Kari Sweeney
Super Collector

Re: PPM7.5 Table missing

Hi Daniel,

When we upgraded to 7.5, we also ran across the issue of the View KTMG_TIME_SHEET_STATUS_TXN_V being 'invalid' in our database. This is an HP defect in that the SQL for the view references a table that no longer exists. The defect tracking # they provided me was Product Defect #203168.

As for the package KTMG_STATUS_TRANSACTIONS_TH.....we also had an error with this during our upgrade. The message we got was -
"Body - PLS-00201:identifier 'KTMG_STATUS_TRANSACTIONS_TH' must be declared - Line 1 Column 14
Body - PLS-00304: cannot compile body of 'KTMG_STATUS_TRANSACTIONS_TH' without its specification - Line 1 Column 14
Body - PL?SQL: Compliation unit analysis terminated - Line 0 Column 0

I went round and round with HP on this - they kept telling me it was fine, and there was no harm in leaving the invalid package in our system, or if I was really concerned about it, they said I could delete it. But I pushed back to try to get HP to deliver a fix for it, and they logged a defect. The defect tracking # they provided me was Product Defect #203022 .

We reported these back in October, so I'm hoping they'll deliver fixes in one of the next couple of Service Packs.

Hope this helps.

Mike Ramberg
Super Collector

Re: PPM7.5 Table missing

I just loaded 7.5 SP3 in our Dev environment and this is still an issue, so no fix is out yet.
Daniel Galvez

Re: PPM7.5 Table missing

Hi Kari,

Thanks a lot for your comments. I'll wait HP for a work arround and/or a solution.

Kind regards,
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