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PPM web service call log

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PPM web service call log

Hi Every one;

I started a new job as PPM admin.

There are a variety of other tools integrated with each other.


I want to learn f any tool calls ppm web service.

Is there any log file on PPM server for web service usage?

Which IP called which web service ? when? what is the result?

Can I find it?


Kind regards

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Re: PPM web service call log

It depend on your configuration.

My PPM System is configured with an external web server and IIS.

For my config, IIS creates daily logs with the info you are looking for.

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Re: PPM web service call log

Hi kwod55;

I understand that PPM does not create log for web service usage.

I need to configure IIS to create accurate and healthy log files

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event