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PPM v9.32 integration with SAP

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PPM v9.32 integration with SAP


We are in the process of integrating PPM with SAP to achieve SAP code/objects migration thru PPM. As HP is no more supporting/providing "PPM SAP Extension" from PPM v9.3x version, we are exploaring if there are any other alternative way to tigger SAP transport thru PPM to enalbe the SAP code migration thru PPM application.

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Re: PPM v9.32 integration with SAP

I haven't worked with the SAP integration, but I have worked with the Oracle EBS integration significantly.  Outside of the configuration migrations, the extension is essentially several preconfigured object types.  If you have an experienced Deployment management PPM admin, he/she should be able to configure Object Types to do any type of migration.  In addition, since they can be focused on your specific infrastructure, they can be more streamlined than the out of the box object types.  Even though we had the extension, overtime, all of the object types were completely recreated.