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PPM v.9.2 error update ppm_server_instance

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PPM v.9.2 error update ppm_server_instance

Hello, I just migrated to V.9.2 and at startup of PPM services, I obtain into the server_log.txt several error messages related to a failed attempt to "update ppm_server_instance ... retrieving 0 rows while expected 1"


Apparently the system is up and running (when I log on on the UI by admin user)


Into ppm_server_instance table all seems to me ok (apart the fact that I personally don't know what "version" number is...on the active node the version=2, before a shut-down was 31...).


>> WHICH service's query search WHAT into ppm_server_instance table without composing the right "WHERE" conditions ???

>> does it could be related to some "new pp version code" that I have to put into some table/file, after migration from 9.14 !?




Maroc Cattarin 

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Re: PPM v.9.2 error update ppm_server_instance

Well this is not a show stopper, but ppm_server_instance table data is need when you open admin console.


I had observe that script do update this table. Can you try below step



  1. Stop PPM server (all nodes)
  2. Delete tmp and work directory in <PPM_ROOT>/server/<NODE> (in all the nodes)
  3. Execute in /bin
  4. Start the PPM server
Utkarsh Mishra

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