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PPM on Windows Server 2012

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PPM on Windows Server 2012

Hi All,


I would like to know who have tried installing PPM 9.2 on Windows Server 2012. Is it certified to run on this platform? What are the implications or issues encountered using this OS.



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Re: PPM on Windows Server 2012

Hi Avrille,


Windows 2k12 is not certified for PPM 9.20.


I have attached the SysReqs where you can see that Windows 2k3 in various shades as well as 2k8 in some flavours is supported and certified.


You might want to wait for updates from someone who can tell you if they have been able to install it on 2k12. Since it's not supported, I am not aware if anyone inhouse has actually deployed it. I can't do it for hardware constraints on any of my boxes, sorry. So far, I've not seen any cases come in where PPM was deployed on 2k12, but then there have hardly been any cases for that version anyway. That'll change over time though...


Good luck.

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