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PPM on HP-UX with Oracle - Performance

Marlene Mazzeo
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PPM on HP-UX with Oracle - Performance

We are having various performance problems with PPM, which is installed on HP-UX and using Oracle  Right now we have an issue where we set the parameters one way, and one performance issue is fixed, but it creates another one.  The only resolution we could find was to switch the parameters back, which is really not an option.  Not sure if anyone has any recommendations other than what is in the SysAdmin guide or Compatibility and Requirements Matrix for patches or parameters that could be set?

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Re: PPM on HP-UX with Oracle - Performance

HI Marlene,


could you be so kind as to letting us know what kind of performance problems you are referring to (specifically where you experience them) and what parameters you are referring to? It might also be good to check if there are any messages in the log that could point to a certain direction.

Which PPM-version and SP are you currently running?

Marlene Mazzeo
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Re: PPM on HP-UX with Oracle - Performance

Our Executives are using the Request List portlet on their dashboard to see which requests require their approval.  They only have the radio button set to yes for "Eligible for My Action".  This used to work, when we had the following set:


ALTER session SET

optimizer_index_caching = 0


ALTER session SET

optimizer_index_cost_adj = 100


We had to change the above parameters for another performance issue.  Users would be trying to submit requests and approve requests, and it would take 5 minutes or more for them to do this.  (So potentially hours to get through a single request with multiple approval steps.)    The solution was to set the following:


ALTER session SET

optimizer_index_caching = 75


ALTER session SET

optimizer_index_cost_adj = 35


So right now, the request list portlet is still not working for our executives. 


Following are recommendations from Admin Guide/ HP Support we also reviewed:


Recommended Setting
Set the _B_TREE_BITMAP_PLANS parameter value to false.

Recommended Setting
Set the parameter value to true.

Recommended Setting
Set the parameter value to 5.

4. cursor_sharing - EXACT

PPM Center supports only the values SIMILAR and EXACT.

5. db_block_size - 8192
Recommended Setting
Set the DB_BLOCK_SIZE parameter value to 8192 (8 KB).

6. db_cache_size - 0
Recommended Setting
Specify a DB_CACHE_SIZE parameter value of at least 500 (expressed in MB).
Note: HP recommends that you set a value for this parameter, even if SGA_TARGET is set.

7. global_names - FALSE
Recommended Setting
Set GLOBAL_NAMES to false.
Note: If multiple PPM Center test instances use the same database instance, you must set
GLOBAL_NAMES to false.

8. log_buffer - 5653504
Recommended Setting
For systems with 50 or more concurrent users, set the parameter value to 1
(expressed in MB).

9. max_commit_propagation_delay - 0
(RAC Only)
Recommended Setting
Set the MAX_COMMIT_PROPAGATION_DELAY parameter value to 0.


Recommended Setting
Set the NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS parameter to CHAR.

11. open_cursors - 300
Recommended Setting
Set the OPEN_CURSORS parameter value to 1000 or higher.

12. open_links - 4
Recommended Setting
Set the OPEN_LINKS parameter value to 20.

13. optimizer_index_caching - 0
Recommended Setting
For most PPM Center deployments, set the OPTIMIZER_INDEX_CACHING
parameter value to 75.

14. optimizer_index_cost_adj - 100
Recommended Setting
Although there is no perfect OPTIMIZER_INDEX_COST_ADJ value for every
PPM Center deployment, HP recommends that you first set this parameter to
between 25 and 40, test the performance of the application at this setting, and,
based on the results, adjust the value.

15. pga_aggregate_target - 0

Recommended Setting
Set the PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET parameter value to a minimum of 450 MB.
For very large databases, you can set the parameter to 1 GB.

16. processes - 150
Recommended Setting
Set the PROCESSES parameter value to 20 plus the number of total connections
that might be used.
Although concurrent usage and usage nature are factors used to determine the
number of connections used, a PPM Server rarely uses more than 25 database
connections. If a PPM Server cluster configuration is used, each PPM Server
might use 25 database connections.
For single-server configurations, set the parameter value to 45 (the default).
For a PPM Server cluster configuration running three servers, set the parameter
value to (3 x 25) + 20 = 95.

17. sga_target - 0

(Oracle 10G or Later)
Recommended Setting
Set the SGA_TARGET parameter value to 1.66 GB. If you also set the SGA_MAX_
SIZE parameter, its value must be higher than the value set for SGA_TARGET.

18. shared_pool_reserved_size - 15728640

Recommended Setting
Set the SHARED_POOL_RESERVED_SIZE parameter value to 10 percent of the
shared pool (as determined by the SHARED_POOL_SIZE parameter).

19. shared_pool_size - 0
Recommended Setting
Set the SHARED_POOL_SIZE parameter value to at least 350 MB.

20. workarea_size_policy - AUTO
Recommended Setting
Set the parameter value to AUTO.


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Re: PPM on HP-UX with Oracle - Performance

Hi Marlene,

sorry for the delay in replying.


Off hand, I really don't know what the issue could be although I DO know that there IS a problem with some portlets or reports when setting 'eligible for my action' button in the preferences.

Since you seem to have adhered to the guides and are out of options with configuration AND this is an issue where a problem is occuring, my suggestion would be to log a call and have PPM-support look over the configuration of the portlet to see if anything can be done.


Best regards,


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Re: PPM on HP-UX with Oracle - Performance



I would recommend you o rasie PPM Sizing Estimation Request. The performace can ba slow due to server load or can be due to many factors.


The best way is to log an SR with HP.



Utkarsh Mishra

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Re: PPM on HP-UX with Oracle - Performance



Did you find an answer to your performance issue???



Johannes Y
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Re: PPM on HP-UX with Oracle - Performance



According to HP support there are some issues with the "Eligable for my action" and Oracle I am not sure if this is what is causing your issues. The issue should be solved in Oracle 11 and (but the latter is currently not supported by HP.

We had problems with error messages when using the function in some cases.


In terms of general performance issues, we experienced more than 200% improved response times moving from Solaris based hardware to an Intel based architecture with Red Hat.