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PPM not parsing security tokens

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PPM not parsing security tokens

Hello, Community team,


I have a question to run by you:


in PPM 9.1x, whenever you update the security for a step, PPM would do a recalculation of the security tokens for all (active) workflow instances. Upon saving the workflow configuration, you would get a screenshot similar to the below:


Now, in 9.2x, this warning never comes up, and also the recalculation of the tokens does not happen.


If anyone has access to a 9.2x environment where you can try this, please let me know so I can take it officially to HP Support, since it is definitely a defect - if it is confirmed.


many thanks in advance,


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Re: PPM not parsing security tokens

Hey Alex,


not quite sure I'm reproducing this as you are.

1) Open Bug Workflow

2) Remove regular (sec group) permissions for a couple of workflow steps and add standard tokens instead.

3) Save, close and reopen Workflow

4) Open a workflow step and change the security token against another.

5) Save

I don't get an error-message (informational message)


When you speak of the token recalculation, you mean that the step security doesn't work when users access the Requests and thus the original security still grips`? Might be a stupid question to pose in your direction, but did the users log out and in again prior to testing this?


If you give me a more detailed description maybe I can help.

Still though, the simply discovery would warrant a case for analysis. We can always try and help.


Best regards,