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PPM <-> Documentum Syncronization

Kalin Petrov
Super Collector

PPM <-> Documentum Syncronization

Hi PPMers,

I've got the following case:
- PPM 7.5 was sucessfully integrated and running with Documentum 5.3 SP5.
- The PPM Oracle DB was then refreshed with an export from the Production system.
- The Documentum was no longer able to start with PPM, because of the desyncronization of the data between them.
- PPM was running for some time without Documentum (storing the documents on the PPM Server)

What should I now do in order to integrate it again with Documentum? Shall I just create an emtpy Documentum repository and try to bind it to PPM - is it going to be successfull?
Any advices are appreciated!

Thanks in Advance,

Kalin Petrov
Regular Collector

Re: PPM <-> Documentum Syncronization

Hi Kalin,

integrate ppm with documentum is a very difficult procedure. You have to mark alot of facts.

1. When you want to use documentum with ppm in future, first you should upgrade to documentum 5.3 SP6.
Because only 5.3 SP6 is offical supported by HP.

2. Also have a look on your Oracle DB. It should also be supported by HP.

3. It sounds like, you want to import data from the production system to a new created test system. Is this correct?

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event