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PPM email subject limit

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PPM email subject limit

PPM sends automatic e-mail to related people.
For example, when a case needs your approval ppm sends an email as an allert.
We put case description REQ.DESCRIPTION to the subject line of an e-mail. Most of the cases description is shown in e-mail subject.
Such as (description is in Turkish):
A new request is waiting for your evaluation.(Pusula surecinde oluşan kur rezervasyonlarında maliyet kurlarının değiştirilebilmesi isimli iş isteği , değerlendirmeniz için size yönlendirilmiştir.)

For some cases the description is not shown and only token name is shown in the subject
such as:
A new request is waiting for your evaluation.(REQ.DESCRIPTION isimli iş isteği , değerlendirmeniz için size yönlendirilmiştir.)

Do you have any idea where the situation arrise from?
Request description is mandatory and it can not be blank.
In my opinion it is related with character limit on subject line. For long case descriptions, descriptions can not be put in the subject line.

Do you know the character limit in PPM 7.5 with SP 6?
Can we change the limit? if so How?


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Re: PPM email subject limit

Hi Eata,


In HP PPM the Notification SUBJECT length can be at max 240 Char. We cannot change this limit, rather you can follow diffrent approach to resolve this.


  1. Create a new field (say hide_desc with validation as Text-Field 200)
  2. Create a new Rule on field change of "Description"...
    In Result Section --> Put hide_desc
    SQL --> select substr('[REQ.DESCRIPTION]', 1, 200)substr('REQ.DESCRIPTION', 1, 200) from dual
  3. Then in notification, instead of using Description, you can user hide_desc token 

Hope this help you...

Utkarsh Mishra

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