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PPM cant attach document

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PPM cant attach document



We have an issue about attaching files in PPM. It produces an error that says "An Unknown error has occurred. For mor information, please contact your PPM administrator and provide the following GUID=6A0CD329-657D-43B6-AD4F-E348845EEBE4"


Upon checkin the PPM home directory, we found several java_pid[PID].hprof files that eats up a lot of disk space.

i would like to know what could have caused the issue and if it is safe to delete the .hprof files.




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Re: PPM cant attach document

Hi sdef,


Have you see any performance problem in your PPM app?

When an OOME (Out Of Memory Issue) occurs, Java will create a file in the following format: java_pidXXXX.hprof. This file will be located in PPM_HOME or PPM_HOME/bin directory. (


So, check your server.log (PPM_HOME/server/<SERVER NAME>/Log folder) and look for any OOME entry. If you find any so the best would be to open a case and report the problem.


Also, check this id "GUID=6A0CD329-657D-43B6-AD4F-E348845EEBE4" in the server.log. You will find there more information about the error that can give you a clue about what the problem is.


The *.hprof files will help to analyze the root cause of a OOME issue in PPM. However, you can go ahead and delete the current files (this is safe). Once a new file is created so you can check with PPM support what is causing the file to be created. (you will need to open the case and upload the hprof file and the ksupport).


Hope this helps!




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