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PPM blocks database tables

Gerardo Gamez
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PPM blocks database tables

Hi everyone,


I have a problem, PPM is blocking some database tables, there was the "knta_logon_attemps" table, causing a degradation of the service, then displaying the error. "The database could not be reached", , tried to stop the kintana service with kstop command displaying similar errors, I had to force it by closing the cygwin window, then when trying to start again still displaying errors, db team have to kill all the blocking sessions, then I restarted the application and works fine.


Another problem I have is with the Oracle Rac, sometimes one of the nodes is not responding and is unable to make a failover so the other node can start the services and makes the applications fails, causing we have to restart the servers both application and database.


This are recurrent problems, I attach some screenshots about the first problem.


I want to know if someone has experienced a problem like this and what to do?


I have PPM 7.5 SP4 in a Oracle Rac.


Thanks and regards.

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Re: PPM blocks database tables

Hi Gerardo,


you will have your reasons for not upgrading to a currently supported version me thinks. You should be aware of the fact however that in later PPM-versions, there are some parameters that will allow you to set the lifetime of inactive database connections so they don't stay open. There are a lot of issues why this could be happening and one would need to determine this on a one-by-one basis - locks on the database have been reported for all versions and the cause is different each time.


Best regardfs,