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PPM and visual impairment?


PPM and visual impairment?

Hello.  We're in the process of implementing PPM (v8 and shortly v9.1) and we've got a couple of users who are registered blind.


We need to understand whether the software that they currently use will work/integrate with PPM.  We've asked HP and haven't been able to get a firm answer so I thought I'd ask you, the forum, if any of you have come across this or have users successfully using:
  • Jaws (Job Access With Speech) version 12.0.525 via a SW Eloquence synthesiser. (Mainly Eloquence voices, but also SAPI 5 text to speech engines from AT&T, Evona, and Cepstral.)
  • NVDA as a back-up screen reader
  • Dolphin (Supanova)


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Re: PPM and visual impairment?

Hi A1icious,


I've checked the knowledge-base and have to say that I was suprised that there HAS been no inquiry into this as far as I could see anywhere. I have seen this before and found a vague ER for Screen Reader for PPM 7.1 that was closed without plans to implement. Request #220554 if this is of any use to you.

My suggestion is to choose the tool that you would LIKE to use, then raise a new ER to have  this processed, using the appropriate priority (I think severity speaks for itself) AND the below questionaire filled in in as much detail as needed and possible.

I'm sure that once a Change Request ID is published here, the customer base will increase for it:


1) Please provide a short problem statement:

2) When does the situation occur? Please describe an actual scenario from the
customer's current environment.

3) How is the situation currently handled or resolved? What work around is used

4) What is unsatisfactory about the current situation and why?

5) What is the required functionality to meet that will enable the described

6) What and how many users, administrators and non-PPM systems play a role in this use case?


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