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PPM and Subversion Intergrati​on

Occasional Contributor

PPM and Subversion Intergrati​on

We are looking to integrate Subversion with PPM to automate the code migration and to reduce the human intervention.


We want PPM get object from Subversion, then depose it on the source, then migrate it on target according to the preset workflow


Does anyone have clue on how to do it? Where to start? Creating specific object, script, API, example...



Jason Nichols K
Honored Contributor

Re: PPM and Subversion Intergrati​on

I'm working on an implementation right now that is utilizing Subversion for source control.  What I've done is to create a couple of special commands to export the file, copy the file to server or client, and then clean up the SVN server.  Then these special commands are put into the Object Types that are being used.

Raj Ghimire
Occasional Visitor

Re: PPM and Subversion Intergrati​on

I am working on a similar integration for our company as well. We already had integation with CVS and I am just adding SVN option as well. In fact we have already got it going for development instance. The biggest effort probably was to get SVN Command line Client installed on the Source and Destination Servers, things get real easy after that.


Here is a command I run from a destination server location: I am sure you should be able to customize it in some way to fit your needs.




Here is a link for the site which provides separate SVN installers for Command line Client for Solaris as well as other flavors. 




Subramanian Pal
Occasional Advisor

Re: PPM and Subversion Intergrati​on

I just completed a project integrating Subversion and PPM.  You will need to install the SVN Command Line Client in your PPM server. Once this is done you can execute svn commands to do an export of a specific code from a specific revision or a location and store it in a temp directory. Then all you need to do is ftp it to a destination environment and execute(ksc_copy_server_to_server will work). Ofcourse you will need to package this all into an object type to use for migrations.


The first time you execute a command using svn client, it will prompt for a username/password. Once you provide those details for the first time, it will store it in that server and you will not need to provide those details ever again.


Hope that helps.




Raj Ghimire
Occasional Visitor

Re: PPM and Subversion Intergrati​on

Hi Subbu, nice to see that you are still part of PPM world dude :-)

Yes, install on PPM server sure could be an option too.  But in our case, ITG is only supposed to act as a medium and are not allowed to bring any traces of actual files within ITG server because of our crtical SOX/PCI compliance. So, our pkg migration configuration are set up so that any execution commands that need to run (like exporting from SVN in this case) are only allowed to run from ERP instances themselves .  So in our case, Temp directory also resides on ERP servers themselves just like all other Oracle and internet object migrations. Plus, more importantly, it made sense for us to make this work exactly like our other migrations. 


But,  I am sure you could play around and do Many different ways... it just depends on how you want to do it.  
No matter how you want to get this done though, the basic concept remains the same -- the Command line Client for SVN is required. Things get real easy after that :-)


- Raj


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