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PPM and Sharepoint Integration

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PPM and Sharepoint Integration


Are there any documents/manuals???
All I wanna do is display PPM portlets in Sharepoint. Has anyone had any experience around this..


Sascha Mohr
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Re: PPM and Sharepoint Integration

You need to enable WSRP for the portlets in PPM that you want to make available to external portal servers. This is described on page 62 of "Creating Portlets and Modules". Then you need to access the PPM server from sharepoint using the appropriate producer URL, which is something like this:
For this to work seemlessly SSO for both sharepoint and PPM is recommended of course.
In sharepoint the configurion should involve the WSRP consumer web part (if I remember correctly available only on MOSS enterprise version) and a config file (TrustedWSRPProducers.config).
I don't know the sharepoint documentation, on the web you'll probably find all the info you need.
Maybe this is a starting point:
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Re: PPM and Sharepoint Integration

Thanks Sascha
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Re: PPM and Sharepoint Integration

Hi Sascha,

Hope u have the answer to this one :)
Can we create a form/request in Sharepoint and integarte it with PPM so that the form is stored in PPM as a request??
We have license issues in PPM hence we need to go down the Sharepoint path so that every1 can create a request...Thanks
Even Outlook option can be taken into consideration.
Cesar Roque
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Re: PPM and Sharepoint Integration

Maybe you can implement something trough web services, they let you to create and update requests.

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Re: PPM and Sharepoint Integration

My company offers a SharePoint connector for HP PPM. It is installed and configured in less than a day and can do everything described above and more.



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Re: PPM and Sharepoint Integration

Hi V,

From the HP side, we have submitted many ER, but still we don’t have any information to know if this is going to be implemented near future.

You may want to check these guides for WebServices Programmers

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event