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PPM and Business Objects Reporting


PPM and Business Objects Reporting

Hi All, We have upgrade the PPM tool to v 9.11 and we are planning to install Business Objects Reporting too. Right now we are evaluating on what it takes to successfully implement the Business Objects. I would like to know if any one has installed PPM Business Objects Solution. If so, would really appreciate your inputs on the same.


Thanks in Advance.


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Re: PPM and Business Objects Reporting

Not very clear about your requirement but still would like to share my experience in operational reporting using BO
> good to see free BO servers and tools with PPM9.X
> OOTB universes contain most of the required information but if you are looking for custom fields other than OOTB, you have a problem there
> if you are looking for developing your own universes and reports, make sure you have good experties in BO and database design engineers.
> this again involves lot of work in creating system to get your data to operational DB from PPM DB
> but once you are done, its very easy to create and deploy reports as per your requirements :)



Re: PPM and Business Objects Reporting



We are setting up BO Reporting solution delivered by HP with version 9.1. Couple of questions;


1)Though they are providing the BO licenses and reporting universes for PPM, I guess we still have to procure the servers for the BO Reporting setup. Please correct me if my assumption is wrong.

2) Can we do the entire setup on VM? I know HP has suggested to not to use the VM for BO Setup. Plese let me know.





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Re: PPM and Business Objects Reporting



bo come with oem license with unlimited users, but binded to only 1 processor, license is embeded the source avaliable via hp download page.


with the new content pack, pm universe available and custom fields are also available with this pack. you can create reports based on the fields you configured


vm or physical, it is up to your application sizing i believe.