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PPM alignment with Financial master systems

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PPM alignment with Financial master systems

Dear Colleagues,


I wanted to understand from other customers how their systems landscape around PPM looks like and especially how PPM is aligned with their primary financial system(s).


Currently we do have the following setup:

 - PPM used for Portfolio Management  (Demand Management, Financial Management, Portfolio Management Modules) primarily storing project soft information and high-level financial information from a Proposal until the Project closure.

 - Separate Master Financial Planning System as interface to various SAP systems containing detailed financial information (i.e. Activity based budget, site based, local currencies, detailed cost elements, source of actuals, etc.)


At each Forecast Event PPM data gets transferred into the Financial System via a manual "Snapshot" Report. This requires a lot of manual effort, and allows room for inconsistencies between both systems. Note that the level of detail regarding Financial Information (in PPM and Financial System) is different.


I wanted to receive the communities input on how you are handling the shift from initial Planning to Budgeting as well as keeping an alignment between the systems during the lifecycle of the projects (i.e. positioning of the tools, degree of automation, flow of information, etc.)


I appreciate anyone’s feedback and or experiences in this regard.


Best regards,


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Re: PPM alignment with Financial master systems

Hi Ime,


I have just completed a PPM project which consists of some integration (or data transfers) between SAP FI and PPM systems. In addition, I have five year SAP ABAP experiance.


I could tell you some solution (overview level) but there are some things that I couldn't understand:

1) You sad "Forecast Event PPM data gets transferred into the Financial System", what kind of PPM data transferred to where in SAP (a little bit details) ?

2) What kind of data details that not match between two systems ? (Which is same as with my project :smileywink: )





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