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PPM Windows 8 thoughts, findings, wins!

Toby Harvey
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PPM Windows 8 thoughts, findings, wins!

I am well aware that Windows 8 is not officially supported and IE10 has not been certified but I am also guessing that many of you will have been (or will soon be) asked to evaluate the tool on IE10 or the Windows 8 platform.  So here is a place to store some findings and thoughts - whats works well and what does not ...


My own finding so far is that the 9.14 interface seems to work OK with some minor alignment and display issues but the core features are functional.  I am now assigned to a test platform so will post more findings as I go and particularly around the development and administration side of PPM.  I suspect that anyone out there using 9.21 will find even better results and real benefits on IE10 (and even IE11 when it happens).


if you have some thoughts or experience I would be really interested to see and hear it, along with versions and even your infrastructure with the idea of this community making an initial impression while we wait for HP to make it official.