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PPM Web Services - Creating Proposal with tables

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PPM Web Services - Creating Proposal with tables

Hi Everyone,


I'm having some troubles developing a Web Services with C#, the create proposal works fine if I use it without tables but when I'm trying to create aproposal wth a table, the request its created but the rows of the Table Component are missing, can anyone can give a me a hand with this code, its making me crazy.


Here its a snippet of the code:


//Se parsea el componente de tablas
if (listaTablas != null) {
DemandService.Table[] tablasPPM;

//Creando todos los componentes de tablas en PPM

tablasPPM = new DemandService.Table[listaTablas.Count];
int i = 0;

foreach (ComponenteTablaBean tabla in listaTablas) {

tablasPPM[i] = new DemandService.Table();
tablasPPM[i].token = tabla.token;

foreach (FilaTablaBean fil in tabla.filas) {
int j = 0;
tablasPPM[i].columns = new DemandService.Column[fil.columnas.Count];

foreach(ColumnaTablaBean col in fil.columnas){

tablasPPM[i].columns[j] = new DemandService.Column();
tablasPPM[i].columns[j].token = col.toKenColumna;
tablasPPM[i].columns[j].values = new String[] { col.codigo, col.valor };
//tablasPPM[i].columns[j].values.SetValue(new String[] { col.codigo, col.valor },j);


//Se agrega el objeto tablas al request
request.tables = tablasPPM;