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PPM Upgrade

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PPM Upgrade

Hello All,


We are planning to upgrade PPM 8.02 to PPM9.10. Could you please let us know list of issues and their hotfixes or list of patches.


One more thing...., do we need to reapply the hotfixes or patches as we had applied after PPM upgraded to 8.02.



Thanks in advance for your warm help........




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Re: PPM Upgrade

Hey PPMRam,


The list of issues fixed you can check it in the SSO Site ( There you will be able to see the manuals and guides for whats new/whats changed in 9.10 and the release notes for service packs 1, 2, 3 , 4 (0001, 0002, 0003).


Also, most of hotfixes provided in 8.0 are included in 9.1 however if you have some of them that are not fixed in 9.1 (any Servcie pack) so you will need to require a new hotfix sinc the 9.1 estructure has been modified.


Hope this helps!




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Re: PPM Upgrade

Hi Ram,

You can check fixes included in the latest SP for PPM 9.1

SP 4

Patch 0003

If you do not find information about the hot fixes you have applied in 8.0, and if the issue reappears after upgrade to our latest version, please open a case with support before try to apply them in PPM 9.14 because not all the fixes are compatible between versions.

Dayana Campos