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PPM Upgrade!!

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PPM Upgrade!!



We are going to upgrade PPM in March from 7.1. Need some help on this.


Which is the latest & most STABLE version available? What are the system requirements for that version?

The database we are using is Oracle 10g.


We currrently integrated Mercury QC 9 and PPM. Does QC needs to be upgraded as well?


Also we are planning to integrate PPM Demand Management & HP SM7. Can you please suggest how this can be achieved?


Please provide some details which will help me in this process.

Please share if there are any documents as well. My mail ID:


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Roopesh Kumar

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Re: PPM Upgrade!!



Right now we are just releasing PPM 9.2 version. But, I think the most stable is 9.14; also, I would recomend to install the latest patch that would be 9.140005


The following are the documents you can use to se the requirements for this version,



SM Integration:

9.1 Installation Guide:

9.14 Requirements:

9.140005 Release Notes:


Also, if you want to review the 9.2 version documents here you have some of them:


Upgrade Guide:



Release notes:

Installation Guide:



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