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PPM Startup after reboot Red Hat

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PPM Startup after reboot Red Hat


Have anyone a startup script for PPM that I can put in /sbin/init.d to startup PPM after the reboot? This is for Red Hat Enterprise!
Alan Delimon
Super Contributor.

Re: PPM Startup after reboot Red Hat

I don't know of one that comes out of the box.

To do this, though, all you should need to do is write a script that runs or We have one of these that runs on our Solaris boxes. That way when the box starts up after a restart, the app starts automatically, with no manual intervention.

Something like this should do it:

echo "Starting chainlink..."
cd /home/${LOGNAME}/clmprod/bin
echo "Chainlink startup complete..."

You can also do a similar thing for shutdown of the machine if you so desire.
Darshan Bavisi
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: PPM Startup after reboot Red Hat

Hi Adriano,

We have done similar once for UNIX based PPM by adding the kStart and kStop into the cron jobs for auto startup and shutdown for scheduled backups. What we did was created a plain text file and added the syntax of start and stop scripts into it. The cron job would run these text files to run the start and stop scripts. Similarly, in your case you can put the start script in text file that is runnable, and add it in the init.d.