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[PPM] Sorting the values in a field (DOMAIN)

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[PPM] Sorting the values in a field (DOMAIN)


I'm using the DOMAIN field in a PPM Request Header.
For the moment I use the simple list attached to a validation, in which I create the needed values on the fly.
But some customers want the list to be sorted alphabetically.
I tried to create a new validation validated by a SQL statement but:
1/ it erases the data in the former list,
2/ I don't know in which table I must search the values to display with the SQL statement.
Could you give me some help please?

Thank you.

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Re: [PPM] Sorting the values in a field (DOMAIN)

Hello There,

The problem with drop down list is that values  get added sequentially, not alphabetically. 

One way would be to manually sort the values, after you have added them. ..

Other option would be to use a auto-complete list instead of drop down and use SQL select statement to sort the values.. 

The tables that you should be looking at is KNTA_LOOKUPS and KNTA_VALIDATIONS.