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PPM Sharepoint Integration

Raja R. Bharath
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PPM Sharepoint Integration

Any thoughts on design of this interface?
Gary Rubinstein
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Re: PPM Sharepoint Integration

Hi Raja,

One of the most simple ways of getting this to work is to add a URL field into the form and direct people to the sharepoint path for the specific proposal/project.

I know this is not a perfect solution, but it is a quick way of identifying the value of the integration.

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Re: PPM Sharepoint Integration



We have actually recently created a connector that integrates SharePoint with PPM; you can take a look at some of the details here:


Right now the SharePoint Connector allows for bidirectional integration between objects (documents and requests) in PPM and objects (lists and libraries) in SharePoint, and it can handle multiple SharePoint sites if you have, for example, different departments within your organization that use different requests, projects, etc. within PPM.


If you haven’t seen a demonstration yet, I would like to set you up with someone who can answer show you what we have and answer any questions.




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Re: PPM Sharepoint Integration

Hi Raja,


There are always four way for every integration:

  1. You can connect these systems over web services. There is no way to consume web services by PPM because of PPM haven't got scripting area like HP SM. But you can force the execution steps' script area.
  2. Another solution is using connectIT which is freeware HP product. It can add record to DB, consume web service, call a script. For more information here is the link:
  3. You can also develop a middle layer application to manage integration between PPM and other tools like connectIT.
  4. Last solution is MS Biz Talk Server, which is strong connecter. For more information here is the link:



PS: Please keep alive our forum via KUDOS the professionals.





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