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PPM Reminder e-mails Continue to Be Sent

Anoush Dadgar
Super Collector

PPM Reminder e-mails Continue to Be Sent



We are having various strange behaviors with our PPM notifications. One of them is that on some requets on a particular status, reminders continue to be sent even after the status has changed. The only time they stop is when the request is closed. Does anyone have any idea why this occurs?



Anoush Dadgar

Jim Esler
Honored Contributor

Re: PPM Reminder e-mails Continue to Be Sent

Notifications are triggered by events, not request status changes. I would expect notification reminders to continue to be sent until the workflow step is completed. How is the problematic notification configured? What event triggers it? What change occurs that you believe should stop the reminders?

Anoush Dadgar
Super Collector

Re: PPM Reminder e-mails Continue to Be Sent

Hi Jim, sorry for the late reply.


I have configured the e-mail alerts based on the event (an action taken by a user to push the request). In this particular case, every so often we get a request that continues to send reminder e-mails. In this case the event is the changing of one status into another where different sets of users would have to take action. For instance, when an event sent the request to "Stakeholder Review", an e-mail was sent to all "Stakeholders". The e-mail will continue to be sent every 3 days until all "Stakeholders" have reviewed it and have sent it in one direction or another.  The problem is that even after all " Stakeholders" have reviewed it and the request has moved forward, the reminders continue to be sent. I can attach the configurations here if it helps.


Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Frequent Visitor

Re: PPM Reminder e-mails Continue to Be Sent

I am on ver 9.12 and timeouts seem to work fine:

Just to double check, have you run a Notification History Report:

- Logon to PPM (as a PPM Admin) and select Open > Reports > Create Report

- From Report Category select Administrative and Notification History report

- Select both trigger dates to catch your email timeout. (default is emails only saved for 7 days)


Find your timeout email:

- It should show the Request Type and Request # (Notification From column)

- It should show the Workflow and Step Name.


Make sure these are as expected (even though for you it should not be sending this timeout)


Anoush Dadgar
Super Collector

Re: PPM Reminder e-mails Continue to Be Sent

Thanks Jim and sorry about the late reply. We have configured e-mail notifications based on when a request arrives at a Status/Step. The even that will trigger that is when a status becomes eligible. I have found out the in most cases the reminders continue to be sent until all the recepients who have Available Actions have actually responded by pushing the request forward. There have been some cases when the reminders have continued to be sent even after the request has been pushed forward to the next steps and the only time they have stopped is when the request was closed.


I will have to keep my eyes open and update with an example when it happens again, but in the meantime, I appreciate your response.


Re: PPM Reminder e-mails Continue to Be Sent


Would you be able to check in those particular cases where the emails kept sending if the PPM Administrator group was added to the security groups?


I noticed that even when the group you want to take action acts on the step and you have the PPM Administrator group added to the security, the step might want the PPM Administrator to act as well (depending on how you have it configured) In this instance it might be thinking that since the group didn't act it needs to continue sending reminders.  


Just a thought :)

Anoush Dadgar
Super Collector

Re: PPM Reminder e-mails Continue to Be Sent

Thanks Scorpex,


I will have to check next time one of those e-mails comes in. I know for a fact, though, even though I may be a recepient, I am not supposed to have any actions on the request. I am not in the Security Group on that step. But that is something to look for next time.


Thanks again,


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