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PPM Object Migrator - ORACLE_ERROR

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PPM Object Migrator - ORACLE_ERROR


an URGENT advice needed!

We're facing problems with migrating configuration entities to production environment. Due to the security policy we got only limited privileges for the PPM7 db user. When processing the import of a package line with PPM Request Header Type Migrator we get the following error (please see attached log):

DB Package error: ORA-01031: insufficient privileges {KCRT_AUDIT-2192} (KNTA-10498)

The DB access is set as folows:

DB Users - grants:
PPM7 - connect, resource, create procedure, create view, create synonym, unlimited tablespace, execute on PPM7_RML.KRML_EXECUTE
PPM7_RML - connect, resource, create procedure, create view, create synonym, unlimited tablespace

Tablespaces - PPM_DATA (2GB), PPM_CLOB (2GB), PPM_INDEX (2GB)

Could anyone please advice what privileges should be granted to PPM7 user in order to migrator to function?!

Thank you very much in advance,
Erik Cole_1
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Re: PPM Object Migrator - ORACLE_ERROR

Hi Svetlana,

Look for the script CreateKintanaUser.sql in your mitg700/system directory.

It contains the following grants:

grant connect to &KNTA_USERNAME;
grant create session to &KNTA_USERNAME;
grant create database link to &KNTA_USERNAME;
grant create procedure to &KNTA_USERNAME;
grant create sequence to &KNTA_USERNAME;
grant create synonym to &KNTA_USERNAME;
grant create table to &KNTA_USERNAME;
grant create view to &KNTA_USERNAME;
grant create trigger to &KNTA_USERNAME;
grant select on v$parameter to &KNTA_USERNAME;

That would be a start...
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Re: PPM Object Migrator - ORACLE_ERROR

Hello Erik,

thanks for the hint. We came up to the solution.
PPM7 db user really needs to have an access grant CREATE TRIGGER. However it's not that simple.
We've had this privilege allowed for the db role, which was linked to the PPM7 user. But the PPM permissions must be granted explicitly to the user and not via a role.

As stated:
Roles have some limitations. In particular object privileges are granted through roles cannot be used when writing PL/SQL code. When writing PL/SQL code, you must have direct grants to the objects in the database that your code is accessing.

After giving the PPM7 user the CREATE TRIGGER privilege explicitly, everything worked without problem.

Maybe you'll find it helpful too.

Thank you and best regards,