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PPM .Net Webservice example.

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PPM .Net Webservice example.


We are integrating PPM with another system through web services

I am new to web services, so I attempted to implement the example in the SOA.pdf file as a starting point. this example is 'CreateRequests'

I have tried to use the .Net example as a starting point, but cannot seem to configure Wse 3.0 correctly.

I am utilizing visual studio 2008 and have implemented the example code.

But I get the error: 'Incoming message does not contain required Security header'.

I have followed all of the steps to create a Wse policy configuration file and it seems to have generated

I am attempting to utilize the policy by appending Wse to the end of the Demand serviceProxy method as the example specifies

attached is the code

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Re: PPM .Net Webservice example.


For more detailed example you refer the HP PPM web service tool kit, I comes as a part of installation.

There you can find the example of web services using .net.
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Re: PPM .Net Webservice example.

This issue was due to a visual studio version issue, 2008 is NOT compatible with this example, for anyone else looking to avoid this issue.

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Re: PPM .Net Webservice example.

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//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event