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PPM Monitoring

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PPM Monitoring

Hi All,


I am curious if anyone has used these tools to monitor PPM (From the Best Practices Guide):


  1. HP Diagnostics Probe - Ships with PPM Center and helps monitor transient data.
  2. HP Sitescope - Provides system resource profiling and enables you to configure alerts.
  3. HP Business Availability Center (BAC) - Provides remote performance monitoring capability and enables end-to-end transaction monitoring.

I am curious to find out information on how the Diagnostics Probe is "shipped" with PPM. Is it pre-installed, or does it need to be installed. Does then HP Diagnostics just connect to PPM and start monitoring data? What data does it monito?



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Re: PPM Monitoring

Hi ScQuinn,


I’ve had this question asked before but I still don’t really know what to answer to shed light. What I can say:


As far as I was able to find out, the version shipped with PPM Center is only an evaluation app and we don’t support it.

I have also found that it might in fact be HP Diagnostics that we’ve had several tickets where the HP Diagnostics profiler was causing performance issues on PPM environments.

As you’ve stated, there are a couple of tools available to monitor PPM Center performance. The following tools for monitoring and analyzing the behavior of your systems are available from HP:

- HP Sitescope
Provides system resource profiling and enables you to configure alerts.

- HP Business Availability Center (BAC)
Provides remote performance monitoring capability and enables end-to-end transaction monitoring.


If you have the need to monitor the performance of PPM, please get in touch with your sales-representative / account representative who can hook you up with a knowlegeable person regarding above constellations and offer some supported solution to assist you in your business processes.


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