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PPM Mobile app

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PPM Mobile app

Hello All,

Need some help/guidance on mobile application for PPM.

1) Does anyone worked or used HP PPM Mobile app? I would like to know how it works. Is any web services used?

Please provide more details on functionality or configuration documentation.

2) If there were any errors occurs while using mobile application, does these errors will be stored in database table or will be stored in any log file.




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Re: PPM Mobile app


We made some test with PPM Mobile app (PPM 9.32.0003) for Demand Management.

We have detected the following limitations/regressions :

  • No dashboard in mobile view (redirect to standard Dashboard page)
  • One "to do list", in fact we can see only request "eligible for my action", with absolutely no configuration (only "show xxx lines"). You cannot sort the list by priority /or other criterias.
  • If you use customized rules (HTML injection in fields), theses rules will simply don't work. You will see html tags.
  • You cannot edit a field
  • You cannot add a note
  • Decision buttons won't work if a mandatory field is not fullfilled
  • Decision buttons won't work if a workflow transactions requires a note


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