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PPM - License file and IP concept (any ideas)

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PPM - License file and IP concept (any ideas)

Want to know PPM licence files are binded to which IP address .. host IP, Operating System IP, Package IP address...etc.


We are planning to install PPM 7.5 with IBM AIX Power5 OS but not on a dedicated standalone machines rather on AIX LPARs which will be stationed in a Cloud Landscape (Dynamic Data Center).

The IP address in the DDC are assigned in the following fashion:

a) Physical Host IP
b) Operating System IP
d) Package IP for many applications in common.

To maintain Dynamisim in the Cloud, the LPAR's and its mount (where applications are installed) are often migrated onto to different physical hosts as per the need of resources. Such a migration changes the IP of a Host and IP of the OS. where as package or LPAR IP are intact.

My concern is which of the above IP address are connected with Licenses of PPMC.

I know in a dedicated-standalone machine the IP of the host machine are linked with the licenses ... but any ideas how it works in the Cloud Computing environment.

- Ravinder.

Farid Sheikh
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Re: PPM - License file and IP concept (any ideas)

It would be the IP of the host machine, but i would suggest that you should check with HP support.