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PPM Issues with Object Type Commands

Bryan Parrott

PPM Issues with Object Type Commands

I'm having some Oracle extension problems upgrading one of our systems from 6.0 SP14 to 7.1 SP8. Before the upgrade, the following command would be used to move a file from one server to another (I've removed the username and IP address):

scp -p "filename.sql" username@ipaddress:/client/u01/apps/otrg1/custom/os/admin/sql/filename.sql; echo EXIT_STATUS $?

However, after the upgrade the command is formatted like this:

scp -p "filename.sql" "username@ipaddress:\"/client/u01/apps/otrg1/custom/os/admin/sql/filename.sql\""; echo EXIT_STATUS $?

Nothing has changed as far as I can tell with the object types and commands within PPM. I'm working with HP support to resolve this but I wanted to ask the forum viewers if they'd encountered anything like this. It occurs regardless of the object type (even the OOB HP migrator issues commands with the wrong format). Thank you in advance for any advice you may have.