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PPM HTTP server vs Oracle HTTP server

Alexei Malinovs
Respected Contributor.

PPM HTTP server vs Oracle HTTP server

Dear Community,

We are prepearing for upgrade PPM6.0 to 7.1 and now we have a problem.

We have installed new HW server and on it we:
1. Installed Oracle
2. Cloned Mercury 6.0 app
3. Imported DB

When we try to access Mercury HTTP server by IP adddress of the HW server we see Oracle HTTP server instead of Mercury one.

Any ideas how to access Mercury HTTP server?
Sascha Mohr
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: PPM HTTP server vs Oracle HTTP server

You must run them on different ports. That's also the reason why ITG does not start. If you don't need the Oracle webserver stop and deactivate it. If you do need it, let it run on a different port or make ITG run a different port (change the server.conf paramter to something else like com.kintana.core.server.HTTP_PORT=8080).