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PPM Excel Report tips for PPM9.30

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PPM Excel Report tips for PPM9.30

As we know, excel report is supported after PPM9.30. 

But when I tried to use this funtion, I got some issues which made me mad.  Now I list them and hope to save your time


1. First of all, this is only supported by PPM3.0

2. You need to set configure parameter "EXCEL_TEMPLATES_PATH" in server.conf file before using. it should look like that


3. It only can parse the report token. If you want to run this report in work flow step,  request token should not be accepted.

4. Attached the excel template and guide for your reference



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Re: PPM Excel Report tips for PPM9.30



A few corrections here:


1) It's supported since PPM 9.30


2) It's optional to define parameter "EXCEL_TEMPLATES_PATH". If the parameter is not defined, you should put the templates in <PPM_HOME>/conf/custom_excel_templates. 

The advantage of the parameter is that you can point it to a shared folder and maintain your excel templates in one single place rather than copy them to every node of your PPM cluster.


3) In next PPM minor version, it will be possible to use XLSM files (excel with macros) as Excel Report templates. Actually it's already working, but the files will be renamed to XLSX when the report is generated (and they must be manually renamed before the file can be opened). No such issue in the next version: If the template is an xlsm file, the report will be an xlsm file.


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