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PPM Demand Scheduling

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PPM Demand Scheduling



We are trying to create an execution step in a demand workflow that is scheduled.  We want the user to be able to input the start time in the request.  Once the workflow reaches the relevant step,  it waits until the user supplied defined start time to execute.  What's the best way to accomplish this functionality?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: PPM Demand Scheduling

Hi Ieewil1,


In the step where workflow will wait until defined time (with token), in timeout tab you can type your token (which contain waiting time) and select time unit. For clear understanding please check enclosed "timing in workflow step.png" screenshot. Than click add transition and select  spesific error and select timeout. Please check enclosed "transition for timeout.png" screenshot.


As a result of this configuration, when workflow come to the step, it will wait until timeout then flow over timeout transition line to destinition workflow step.


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Re: PPM Demand Scheduling

Thanks, this is the current approach we are using.  That is, calculating a timeout value from a scheduled start date and putting the timeout value in a token to be used by a "wait" step.  We were unsure if that's the "best" or "right" way. 

Jim Esler
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Re: PPM Demand Scheduling

We use the calculated timeout method in some cases, primarily when the expiration time is defined by the process, not the user. For example, one request type closes all open requests at 7 AM each morning.


When the user will be entering the execution time for a step, we prefer to use a manual execution step. This is an OOTB method to schedule an execution step or to execute it immediately. Step timeout can then be used for other process purposes like discarding old requests. The needs of the process would influence the solution for each case.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event