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PPM Certification

andy mcmahon
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PPM Certification

Hey guys.


I know that this is more of a general question but I was hoping you guys could help me out.  I've asked all of my HP contacts, and no one seems to be able to answer the question. 


I'm interested in becoming PPM certified, and I know they offer that.  What I'm uncertain of is, what is the best route to take to achieve this goal?  I've been working in PPM configuration for about 7 months.  I really like the tool, and I want to become an expert.  


I'm signed up to attend HP Advanced Configuration training in New York in June.  Is there a list of recommended coarses to take to prepare for the certification?  Is there a 'practice test' of sorts? 


If you could map out a pretty good way to go about this, what would it be? 


Thanks so much in advance! 

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Re: PPM Certification



as far as I know, there are several trainings that cover the core product:

- Base Configuration;

- PPM Essentials;

- Advanced Configuration.


There are also other courses, these are available at HP Software Education Services (see the second link)..


You can also check the following link to 'The Learning Center' - get a login and try it out:


Click on 'Certification and Partner Learning'.


You can also use the HP Education Site in the US here:


I'm not sure about Moc Tests, maybe someone else has an answer to that.


Best regards,


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Re: PPM Certification



In PPM exam, it ask about the product functionality and mainly ask about the out of the box feature.


I would suggest you to go through all the PPM documentation before applying for the exam.


All the best....



Utkarsh Mishra

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