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PPM - Calendar

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PPM - Calendar

PPM - Calendar

Hello everyone,

Anyone knows if you can add more than one calendar to the project or resources for examples with the holidays from other countries? So the workplan take several holidays of different countries.

Thanks for the help you can give me.


Re: PPM - Calendar



  • a Workplan is linked to a Project.
  • Project is linked to a Region.
  • Region contains a calendar (and a currency).


Possible workaround :

  1. Create a custom Calendar. Example : France + USA.
    You will be able to add French day off, and add manually add USA day off.
  2. Create a custom Region (Project : France + USA)
    This custom Region will include your reference currency (EUR), and your custom Calendar (France + USA)
  3. Create your project
    On project creation screen, you will be able to select this customized Region.


Known issue #1 : PPM Workplan will always show "Sunday" as first day of week.
In France, First Day of Week is : "Monday"...

Known issue #2: on Project Gantt portlet, 2016 Weeks numbers are wrong for French language. PPM didn't take care of ISO weeks calculation...


Kind regards,



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Re: PPM - Calendar

Thanks so much Alex, it is a good option to apply in PPM. 

Example : France + USA.
One question, for the same example, where i can add manually add USA day off to the France Calendar? 




Re: PPM - Calendar


Of course you can create/edit a customized "Regional Calendar", and add later "Non-working days" manually*

*manually = one by one, for each year.

You won't be able to merge US + FR Non-Working days. That's a limitation.

FR and US have different calendars, and both countries work from Monday to Friday.

If ever you plan to create a calendar using different working days  between two countries (example : US + India), I recommend you to make some tests in a staging environment.

If you have PPM 9.32.0003, you can test Hierarchical projects. But I'm sure it's not possible to see on the same Work Plan two different calendars (R&D has rejected/delayed this enhancement request : ).
Hierarchical projects are not stable on previous versions (java errors).



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event