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PPM & CM4QC JDBC connectivity failure

Jegadeesh Ramam
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PPM & CM4QC JDBC connectivity failure


I've a PPM 7.5 setup with CM4QC module (ie. Center Management for Quality Center).
I have initiated a testing project using a request type provided by CM4QC.

As part of this project work-flow, when I try to get the QC test execution data to PPM, it fails with the following error -

sh ./ext/qcm/scripts/ TdProject:#@# "jdbc:mercury:sqlserver://\qcdb:1433" "qcsiteadmin_db" "sa" "#!#*****#!#" "DOMAIN" "PhaseII_Projects" "SELECT AL_DESCRIPTION,AL_DESCRIPTION FROM ALL_LISTS WHERE AL_FATHER_ID IN (SELECT SF_ROOT_ID FROM SYSTEM_FIELD WHERE SF_TABLE_NAME = 'BUG' AND SF_COLUMN_NAME = 'BG_PRIORITY')"
java.sql.SQLException: [Mercury][SQLServer JDBC Driver][Mercury][SQLServer JDBC Driver]The requested instance is either invalid or not running.
Failed to establish connection to and/or retrieve data from Quality Center.
exit code = 1

Looks like some basic issue with the JDBC URL of the QC server... anybody sees anything wrong here or any suggestions to debug this issue ?

(btw, the QC db server is clustered, just in case it matters in anyway)

thanks much in advance,