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PPM 9.30 License Mechanism

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PPM 9.30 License Mechanism

Hello All,

Please anyone elaborate more information on License mechanism changes.

Question posting here as because earlier we get license count based on product wise but from 9.30 License count is different it includes some Foundation License and Named and Powered user License mechanism.

Which is confusing to request liense file for 9.30. For example, as we have Demand Management licenses in 9.14 as some count as 500 but in new version count is provided as Named power user as 400 and casual named user as 80. But when check count it is not matching 9.14 Demand Management license count is not equals the sum of Demand management Casual User and Powered user licenses count. If this kind of changes exist in 9.30 License file do we get any issues.

Please provide your inputs or comments on the same.



Erik Cole
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Re: PPM 9.30 License Mechanism

It is a very confusing process. When we upgraded, the file they gave us was also missing some of our license counts so I am currently in the process of getting them to provide us the missing counts so we can add them.