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PPM 9.2 - ALM 12.5 Integration


PPM 9.2 - ALM 12.5 Integration

Hello Experts,

Need your help in integration of HP PPM 9.2 with ALM 12.5 . Please help.

Current scenario:

1. Quality Center 10.0 installed on Server 1

2. old version of HP PPM installed

3. PPM and QC 10 are integrated and its working. Earlier  PPM-Quality Center 10 integration tool was used to integrate and do mapping between QC 10 and HP PPM

Next Step:

1. We have installed ALM 12.5 on Server 2. QC projects on Server 1 mentioned earlier is still active.

2.Installed HP PPM 9.2, now PPM 9.2 has PPM-ALM integration instead of PPM-QC 10 integration tool.

3..We are migratiing the projects from QC 10(from server1) to ALM 12.5(server2).

I need your help keep integration intact between ALM project. How to proceed.? Please help.

HPE Expert

Re: PPM 9.2 - ALM 12.5 Integration


There are changes done in ALM 12.x which impact PPM-ALM integration with PPM 9.2x hence you will have issues getting this combination to work.

We have certified PPM 9.32 and 9.40 to work with ALM 12.5.


Re: PPM 9.2 - ALM 12.5 Integration

Thanks for the response, But , please let me know what would be procedure to keep the integration intact. Even if we go for PPM 9.32, what procedure should we follow . Do we need to do anything in old PPM-QUality Center Integration tool ?As of now PPM-Quality Center integration tool is connected and pointing to QC 10 and not ALM 12.5. Is there any documentation.


Re: PPM 9.2 - ALM 12.5 Integration

I got confirmation that we have  PPM 9.32 and not 9.2.

Any help ,PPM experts?

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: PPM 9.2 - ALM 12.5 Integration


we already performed the upgrade from QC 10 to ALM 12.5 and all integrations still work. In our scenario, we first upgraded the integrations to ALM 11.5 and then did another upgrade to 12.5 later. The steps should be similar if you update directly to 12.5.

Go to HP Software Support and search for KM01161759 (HP Solution Integrations Guide 9.30). In this document you find all information required for performing an upgrade from QC 10 integration with the Integration Tool to the new ALM integration in the standard HTML interface.

Please be aware that after an upgrade of a QC project, the PPM related fields are not activated any more. You need to run the field activation scripts against the ALM database - the scripts can be found in the document or you request them through HP support. The integration tool will no longer work with ALM - so you cannot use the tool to activate the fields.

Please let me know if you need more info to get you started.



Acclaimed Contributor

Re: PPM 9.2 - ALM 12.5 Integration

I have experienced the converse.  After a migration from 10.00 to 11.52, these fields ARE activated and result in ALM warning messages.

I want to turn them OFF

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event