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PPM 9.13 - PPM Database DMS and removal of Documentum as an optional feature for new PPM Customers

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PPM 9.13 - PPM Database DMS and removal of Documentum as an optional feature for new PPM Customers



Dear HP Project and Portfolio Management Center (PPMC) Customer,


As you are aware, HP has provided our PPMC customers in the past with the optional choice of installing a bundled version of Documentum software for document management.  Effective November 29, 2011, this option shall no longer be available for new HP PPM customers.  The purpose of this letter is to describe what is changing and what options shall be provided to PPM customers for document management support going forward.   This change is effective beginning with HP PPM Version 9.13 (released November 25, 2011).


Q:  What is changing? 

A:  HP PPM shall no longer provide new customers the option of installing a “bundled” version of Documentum for document management within PPM.  However, comparable functionality shall continue to be available to new customers.  The replacement solution is called “PPM Database DMS” and is an optional install step that allows you to use the existing PPM operational database for document management as well. 


Q:  I am an existing PPM customer using the bundled version of Documentum.  Am I required to migrate to the new solution?

A:  Customers that purchased their PPMC Foundation license prior to November 29, 2011 may continue to use the embedded Documentum instance that has been previously installed.  Customer Support for the bundled version of Documentum shall continue, at a minimum, until 12/31/2013 for PPM 9.1 customers.  PPM 8.0 customers should already be aware of the announced end-of-support date of 12/31/2012.  The bundled Documentum support for PPM 8.0 customers shall remain in place until the 12/31/2012 end-of-support date for PPM 8.0.


Q:  How do I migrate my data (attachments) from Documentum to the new PPM database DMS solution?

A:  A migration tool is provided in PPM 9.13 to allow customers to migrate to the new solution.  A “live” migration is supported, which means you will not be required to shutdown PPM to do the migration.  Additional information can be found in the PPM 9.13 Release Notes.


Q:  I am currently using my own version of Documentum with PPM, using the separately priced external Documentum connector.  Will this continue to be supported?

A:  Yes.  Connecting PPM to existing enterprise Documentum installations shall continue to be a supported choice for document management.  There are no current plans to stop selling this external connector as an optional feature.    


Q:  Effective with PPM Version 9.13, what is the complete list of choices I have for using document management in PPM?

A:  Using the PPM filesystem for document management shall continue to be the default for PPM installations.  Optionally, a customer may choose to use their PPM database for document management.  Some of the advantages of using their PPM database are the added features of check-in/check-out, versioning, and full text search.  The third option is to use the optional and separately priced external Documentum connector to connect PPM to an existing enterprise installation of Documentum. 


Q:  Where can I find additional information regarding this change?

A:  PPM 9.13 Release Notes describe the new migration tool and how to enable PPM database DMS.   


Q:  What is the difference between PPM 9.12 and 9.13?

A:  The primary difference between PPM 9.12 and 9.13 is the addition of the new PPM Database DMS functionality.   9.13 does not contain additional defect fixes and enhancements that are typical of a 9.1x release.  


Q:  I am currently using an older version of PPM, can I upgrade to 9.13 in order to take advantage of the new PPM Database DMS fucntionality?

A:  Yes, with the exception of customers on 8.04 and some customers on 9.12.  Customers using PPM 8.04 must wait until the next PPM 9.1x release where content from 8.04 will be forward ported to the 9.1x release.   Customers using 9.12 that have applied any sort of additional patch or hot-fix on 9.12 should also wait until the next 9.1x release as this additional content is not included in 9.13.  Customers using 9.12 that have not applied any additional hot-fixes or patches may upgrade to 9.13 for the sole purpose of implementing the new PPM Database DMS solution.



Thank you! 





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