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PPM 8.0 - kClusterDeploy

Jamie Pick
Super Contributor.

PPM 8.0 - kClusterDeploy

Getting our 8.0 environment to successfully cluster continues to give us trouble. This time around we attempted the following:
1. Upgrade primary JVM as Stand Alone
2. Get it up and running
3. Copy 1st JVM directory to create 2nd JVM
4. Get it up and running (as Stand Alone)
5. Make server.conf changes (new clustering parameters)
6. Both JVMs still successfully start, though they say they're starting in 'Stand Alone Mode'
7. Run to switch the environment to clustered
8. Now the JVMs do not start - we get an error I've posted here before... "Invalid character ':' in value part of property"

Has anyone else experienced this with and PPM 8.0? Any thoughts as to what's going on here?