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PPM 8.0 Language Pack Deploy

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Antoni Pérez

PPM 8.0 Language Pack Deploy

Hi all,

I'm having problems when trying to deploy the Language Pack on a PPM 8 SP1 clean install on Windows Server 2003 SE SP2.

According to the manual, I just have to put the pack (ppm-801-LP-multi-lang.jar) at PPM root folder and execute script. When I deployed the SP1 this method worked. These are the errors I get with the LP:

ERROR: There is nothing to deploy.
Either use -i to specify a deployment, or
-D to look for deployments in
another location.

Then, I try " -i LP":

ERROR: E:/PPM/ppm-801-LP.jar does not exist.
Patch cannot be applied.

Then, I rename the package to "ppm-801-LP.jar":

ERROR: The file could not be found. The patch
file was not properly extracted.

Any suggestions? I don't know what am I doing wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Sascha Mohr_1
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: PPM 8.0 Language Pack Deploy

you need to run the script like this:
sh ./ -lang ES
in the server's bin directory. Do this for every language you need.
Antoni Pérez

Re: PPM 8.0 Language Pack Deploy

Sascha Mohr,

I made what you say but it didn't work the first time. I had to change the package's name to make it work (nonsense).

Once the package had the correct name, the " -lang ES" worked.

Many thanks for your help.

Antoni Pérez

Re: PPM 8.0 Language Pack Deploy

I changed the package's name and executed " -lang ES".