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PPM 8.0: Is there such feature in it?

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Alexei Malinovs
Respected Contributor.

PPM 8.0: Is there such feature in it?

Dear Community,

Our Company IT department is interested to implement IT deparrtment service offering catalog and asked me whether PPM supports it. I feel it does not have such feature but to be sure I would like to check. Here are the requirements from IT Deprtment:

Define and manage IT Business Service offerings and their attributes
Map Business Services to underlying technical services and assets, for example:
1. IT platform

1. Applications

2. Infrasturcture

1. Servers

2. Server applications

3. Integrations

4. Shared services (network etc.)

5. Security and back up

3. Related Services, such as support

2. Costs

1. IT platform

2. Labor costs

3. Lisences and maintenance

3. Service Budget

4. Service Level

1. Service Lever agreement storage

2. Other Service Level related documents

5. Service/ Platform enhancements (=these are what we register currently to EPM-tool)

6. Cost analysis: Users (Cost of service per user)

7. Service lifecycle/ Service Match/ Maturity level/ Roadmap plan

Publish service catalog and manage Service Portfolio

Any ideas?

Sascha Mohr
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: PPM 8.0: Is there such feature in it?

Hello Alexei,
you will probably not have these features ootb but you could create such functionality in PPM using primarily the demand mgmt module plus some financial mgmt and time mgmt. E.g. in request header types you can add field groups for demand planning and SLA awareness.
If I remeber correctly there was an extension to PPM (sold separately) with a service catalogue, but I don't know if it is still available for release 8.
Of course you could get some other HP products like service manager and uCMDB and integrate them with PPM too.
Alexei Malinovs
Respected Contributor.

Re: PPM 8.0: Is there such feature in it?


Thank you for the answer! Points went to your account :)

You confirmed my thought that ootb it is not supported but we can use customised requests to fulfill at least part of the requirements. I guess we need to contact HP directly to discuss possible solutions. Thank you!