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PPM 7.5

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PPM 7.5

Hello All,

Is there any news on when PPM 7.5 will be out and what are the significant changes.

Erik Cole
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Re: PPM 7.5

Hi Lizabeth,

Here's what I've seen on the slate for 7.5:

- QC, SC/SM, CCM & uCMDB integrations, best practice content & workflows
- timesheet enhancements
- resource request notifications (yay!)
- moving to Business Objects as the reporting engine (double-yay!)

Q2 2008
Paulo Avila
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Re: PPM 7.5

A webinar titled "PPM 7.5 Internal Update" was posted on the HP Software University site on May 28, 2008. Here are my notes from the original presentation if you just want to glance at it. Hope it helps!

- PPM 7.5 won't actually be launched at HP Software Universe, but there will be a main activity for it.
- The actual PPM 7.5 launch will be in July.

PPM 7.5 Updates
- Support for creating & configuring dynamic fields
- Microsoft Project syncronization (with customized mapping)
- Assign multiple resources to a request (while tracking time for each)
- Email notifications
- Quick Edit
- etc.

PPM Upgrade
- Upgrade path is from 7.1 to 7.5 (there are no major architecture changes)
- Significantly easier than the upgrade from 6.x to 7.1
- If customer is on 6.x, they need to upgrade to 7.1 first and THEN upgrade to 7.5
- For a typical customer, the upgrade will be a 2-3 week effort (planning, correct order, regretion testing, etc.)
- Customers who used ACL integratinos will need to re-apply

Enablement Plan for 7.5
- Best practice enablement planned for July/August (location and exact dates are still being planned)
- Will be a 4-day course (7.5 MAC/CM4QC, best practices, solutions offerings, etc.)
- Current Available PPM 7.5 trainings (3.5 hrs of material) (Posted Feb 1 on HP University site)
> PPM 7.5 Jumpstart - Functional Overview (WBT)
> PPM 7.5 Jumpstart - Integrations Overview (WBT)
> PPM 7.5 Jumpstart - Architecture and Web Services Overview (WBT)
> Instructor-led course available also
- Demo in mid June and mid August

Where to get/give assistance
- PPM Community (
- PPM Forums (
- PPM SharePoint (
- DO NOT use the WW or Regional Virtual Community Aliases