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PPM 7.5 issue with "$" in [DB_PASSWORD]

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PPM 7.5 issue with "$" in [DB_PASSWORD]

I am having a problem running the command below when the DB_PASSWORD contains a $.    I'm not sure if its an issue with PPM or Cygwin client.   I can use the ksc_simple_respond as a work around.  Just wondering if anyone knows how to get it to work without using ksc_simple_respond?  


This command doesnt work if DB_PASSWORD contains a $.   Running via Cygwin



This is the workaround

ksc_simple_respond "sqlplus [DEST_ENV.DB_USERNAME]\@[DEST_ENV.DB_NAME \@test.sql" -hide "Enter password:" "[DEST_ENV.DB_PASSWORD]"

Jason Nichols K
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Re: PPM 7.5 issue with "$" in [DB_PASSWORD]

I would say it's more of a shell issue than PPM or even Cygwin specifically.  The '$' is a special character in *nix environments in that it is the precursor to a variable name.  So, in your case, you are putting the password into the command line (a security risk to be sure) and the shell is trying to translate part of the password as a variable, which would end up being an empty string, thereby removing part, if not all of the password beyond the '$'.  The ksc_simple_respond is the best solution in this situation.