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PPM 7.5 - Web Services - Read Budget deprecated???

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PPM 7.5 - Web Services - Read Budget deprecated???


I'm currently working on a project trying to extract some data from a new implementation of PPM 7.5.
Some of the data I require appears to be containing within a Budget entity in PPM, and yet I note that the ability to Read a Budget via the Finance Web Services interface has been deprecated and, whilst still available, is obviously not a strategic solution.
Can anyone inform me if there's another way to access a Budget via Web Services? Will a new service be implemented?
On a more technical note, I'm actually having issues calling the deprecated Finance Read service with the RequestHeader node of the ReadMessage. Specifically, the Credentials element does not seem to be something that can be mapped from a SOAP client. It is expecting a serialized Java object. This is not good behavior for a Web Service interaction as it limits the interoperability of the service.

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Re: PPM 7.5 - Web Services - Read Budget deprecated???

Hi Rhian,

you are right, i have also faced issues becsaue of depricated finance Webservices for budget entities.

But by generating your own proxies it will provide interfaces to perform activities related to budget services.

I have done this using JAVA codes and its working fine.Although its limiting interoperabiliy but at the same time its also providing mapping functionality.

Hope this will help you.

Many Regards,
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