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PPM 7.1 Upgrade

Greg Sliva
Respected Contributor.

PPM 7.1 Upgrade

Finally upgrading 6.0 to 7.1 and eventually 7.5, 8.0, etc. Didn't start off well as we get the following error.

Checking the sanity of the HP PPM Server home directory

The HP PPM upgrade requires a good deal of extra diskspace to install, even
though it will be writing over existing files. Please make sure you have
sufficient diskspace. Once you have cleared enough diskspace for the upgrade,
please select Back and Next to continue.

The following warnings were generated:
- WARNING: / partition has insufficient space to install the items selected.
138.4 MB additional space would be needed to install the selected items.

We have over 11 GB available in our "PPM_HOME" directory so we are lost why we get this message. Does the install actually place files on the / partition? If so, can this be changed to point to a different partition?
Jim Esler
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Re: PPM 7.1 Upgrade

We had this issue come up when we did this upgrade, too. The response from HP was that this is the behavior of the installation tool used by that release and will not be fixed. It is requiring the indicated amount of free space in the root directory, though the installation process does not need or use space in that directory.

I believe there was a note in this forum a year or two ago with a possible workaround. We were not able to get it to work, though.