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PPM 500 Internal Server Error

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PPM 500 Internal Server Error



This morning when users trying to navigate to PPM they are immediately encountered with a 500 internal server error message.


In all my time supporting the application I have not seen this error.  I've seen 404 and a reboot normally fixes that but never a 500.


From what I can tell the database is healthy, I can run queries against it.  The app server seems to be running fine as well but we can't get to the site.


Any ideas what would cause this?  It's been down for a few hours now so any help you can provide would be much appreciated.




edit: also want to include that it was working as of 5:06 AM this morning and then it just stopped working.  No config changes were made to my knowledge as I'm the only one with permissions to do so.


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Re: PPM 500 Internal Server Error

There are many reasons for "500 Internal Server Error". Try to dig out the cause in server logs, if possible share it on forum.


Mean while you can give it a try by restarting the server, if clustered environment then execute command in all your servers, finally execute This should fix most of the issue.

Utkarsh Mishra

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Re: PPM 500 Internal Server Error

Turns out our site minder service on the web server had stopped  Could you shed some light on what site minder does?  This configuration was set up long before I started supporting it so this one is new to me.

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Re: PPM 500 Internal Server Error





I'm not sure if I understood your question correctly.

What it does? It provides the configuration capability to allow Single Sign-On abilities for users.

Just as for LDAP authentication users don't have to sign on to PPM a further time once they are authenticated against the Windows Domain Controller, Siteminder works in a similar fashion.


You can check the Installation and Administration Guide of the PPM-version that you are using to get more information in the section 'Implementing User Authentication' which explains in detail what it is.


The overview says fyi:

PPM Center uses a framework similar to Java Authentication and
Authorization Service (JAAS) to integrate with pluggable authentication schemes. Integration of PPM Center with CA SiteMinder and LDAP is supported. This chapter provides information on how to integrate PPM Center with SiteMinder and LDAP, as well as instructions on how to implement either
Web remote single sign-on or genericsingle sign-on (SSO) with PPM Center.
Hope this helps.
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//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event