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PFM Project section Fields Storage

Raj Ghimire
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PFM Project section Fields Storage


can someone please give me a tip on how I can query for field values for "Portfolio" & "Associated Programs" fields under PFM Project Section of a Project.   ... I am trying to create a custom Pivot table for a group here and running into some data access issues :-(  ...


 I was expecting to find them in KCRT_FG_PFM_PROJECT table but strangely, none of the PRJ_PORTFOLIO_ID , PRJ_PORTFOLIO_NAME, PRJ_PROGRAM_ID, PRJ_PROGRAM_NAME columns have any value in them although  I am expecing otherwise as we do have some Projects which have both Program as well as Portfolio values associated :-(


Will appreciate the tip there !






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Re: PFM Project section Fields Storage

I've always seen the same thing with those fields being empty; not sure whether they are even used (hopefully someone on the forum can clarify).


Not sure about getting the Portfolio names, but for getting the associated program names for a project, we're using one of the OOTB database functions which performs the task.  I would assume a similar function probably exists for retrieving associated Portfolios.


Function:  pm_utils.get_project_program_names



Select PRJ_PROJECT_ID, pm_utils.get_project_program_names(PRJ_PROJECT_ID) PgmNames from KCRT_FG_PFM_PROJECT