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Organization Unit Name Update

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Organization Unit Name Update



I want to update Organization Unit Name using 'Run PPM Organization Unit Interface' , After, we import data into krsc_org_units_int table, But, error occurs because of the organization unit id already exists.



If i used new Org Unit Id , programm create a new Org Unit.


How can i update Organization Unit Name? Is it possible??


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Toby Harvey
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Re: Organization Unit Name Update

We simply use the Organisational Model screens (under Resource Management, v7.5) to update names where necessary, then run a script that cycles through the relevant request types updating the org unit name on existing requests that refer to it. 


For each request type

Find requests that refer to old org unit

update to new org unit


Of course you dont NEED the script as anytime you open one of these requests you can re-check the org unit name and save ... depends how many requests you have ...